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Discover your personal path to wellness

Through individual and group environments, Holistic Pathways seeks to assist others in exploring their nutrition and exercise practices and discovering their personal path to wellness. As we bring our dietary patterns, relationship to food and eating and exercise routine into our awareness, we begin to invite change into our lives promoting health, grace and an expansive life experience. 

Note from Teri:

"With current discoveries and a new understanding of the brain's workings and the mind-body paradigm, it has been demonstrated that when we shift what we see, our entire lives start to change. When our health is pulled into our conscious awareness, changes in priorities, passions and aspirations begin to happen. This all starts with taking inventory of our lifestyle habits, most importantly our dietary pattern. When we become aware of our nutrition and relationship to food and eating, it opens us up to a personal life journey.

Nutrition is a way of taking a finer look at our lives with food and our relationship to eating being viewed as a reflection of how we live. The foods we crave, have an aversion to and our preferred eating environments can provide us with clues and a potential direction towards finding our personal path to wellness, aging gracefully and living an expansive life.

My intention behind Holistic Pathways is to provide a supportive and motivational environment, whether on a personal level or in a group environment for those wishing to explore their personal path to wellness. When we explore nutrition beyond calories and its chemical composition of proteins and carbohydrates, we will discover that food is more dynamic consisting of a thermal nature, with varying energetic properties, metabolic effects and nurturing influences not only on our physiological health but also our mental and emotional states. Food nourishes us. All of us. Our body, mind and soul. Through a mergence of Eastern and Western teachings; touching on current allopathic research and drawing from ancient teachings of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, my intention is to assist and be a resource for those who wish to awaken the nutritionist within and understand what they need at changing times, circumstances and stages in their lives.

Along with our nutrition, physical activity encompasses our whole being; nurturing our body, mind and soul. Exercise has been referred to as meditation in motion and has been shown to lower our biological age; or how our physical body, its organs and tissues respond with time. Together, nutrition and exercise can provide the initiating steps to a life of vitality and grace.

Where your journey starts or goes, is up to you.
Personal journeys are just that, personal.  As Stephen Cope stated in The Wisdom of Yoga, “it’s the seeking that matters, because it is the seeking itself that transforms our vision of things. Secondhand answers have no power in them.” The journey, exploration and transition are where we recognize what we need, our uniqueness and what works best for us.

This journey is all yours. I wish you an amazing life experience!" -Teri                                                




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